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How much is the cost of re-equipment of the van in the autohouse

Traveling on your own camper around the world is a lifestyle, a privilege for those who appreciate comfort and autonomy. The caravanning movement in Ukraine is only developing, but has already reached not small heights. Every year there are many meetings of caravaners from all over the country in its most beautiful corners. There are also exhibitions of equipment and motor homes from leading manufacturers.

Most residents of Ukraine do not know about the possibility of converting a car into a camper to suit their preferences. It all comes down to buying a finished camper ... Today we will try to explain to you how to calculate the approximate cost of the conversion work at Camper Master.

Finishing materials

The entire set of materials can be divided into several classes: economy, standard and premium. Based on the names, we understand that premium is the most expensive materials, and economy is the cheapest (nonetheless high-quality). It is necessary in this paragraph to take into account the materials to strengthen the car body, such as metal and aluminum.

Camper Equipment (Optional)

Traveling in an unequipped camper is hardly comfortable. Under the equipment means: gas stove, gas cylinders, heaters, refrigerator, inverter, rear view camera and much more. A full list of additional equipment can be found on the page advanced options for the camper. The cost of an option directly depends on the currency exchange rate at the time of purchase of the equipment, therefore the final figure is also produced in EURO.

Calculating the cost of conversion

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