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Motorhome on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The purpose of the car is to transport motor vehicles in the luggage compartment with comfort. The luggage compartment is separated by a warmed partition from the passenger compartment; the passenger compartment is sealed to prevent odors from the luggage compartment. The walls and ceiling are sheathed with moisture-resistant laminated plywood and the walls and floor are additionally sheathed with corrugated aluminum.
There are 2 berths (1 + 2) in the passenger compartment, a kitchen area with a refrigerator.


  • Marquise automobile
  • Input CEE 220V connector (Under the hood)
  • filler neck
  • Digital information panel
  • Spotlight on the ceiling 2pcs
  • 1pcs wall lamp for reading
  • LED lighting under the marquise
  • LED interior lighting
  • LED lighting in the luggage compartment
  • Clean water tank
  • Hood in the luggage compartment
  • Luke 1pc
  • Rear view camera
  • Socket 12 V 3pcs
  • Socket 220V 3pcs
  • USB connector (socket) 2pcs
  • Single switch 2pcs
  • 1pc double switch
  • High-pressure pump
  • 15A pulse charger
  • Chrome washbasin + faucet
  • Compressor refrigerator (45l)
  • 4 kW diesel heater with timer
  • Battery 120Ah AGM
  • 200W Solar Panel
  • Multimedia head unit with navigation
  • 4-speaker speakers
  • Table - bed of the dining area
  • child car seat mounts
  • Noise / vibration isolation and acoustic preparation
  • Reinforcement with aluminum / metal frames
  • Dual-circuit rear axle pneumatic system
  • Inverter 1200 W
  • Increased thermal and noise insulation

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